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Synergy Analysis and Consulting

Taylor's Arenas of SynergyTaylor Companies uses its comprehensive and unique understanding of synergy to determine the magnitude of synergy possible for each transaction a client is considering. We offer two types of synergy analysis: general and transaction-specific.


General Synergy Analysis

Through our general synergy analysis, we:

  • Determine whether the client should build a business or sell it
  • Identify the targets with the most synergy
  • Improve the client’s acquisition success rate

Our deep understanding of synergy allows us to do a general and thorough synergy analysis to help clients determine whether they should build a business or sell it. Once a determination is made, we use our synergy expertise to identify either the best buyers or the most strategic targets.

In acquisitions we vet a client’s acquisition strategy by identifying the categories that will create the greatest synergy. If desired, we oversee the integration to ensure that the strategic goals of the transaction are being met.

In divestitures, we provide a comprehensive analysis and identification of the synergies available within the business being divested.


Transaction-Specific Analysis

Through our transaction-specific synergy analysis, we:

  • Prioritize the client’s list of targets
  • Determine whether the client should pursue the deal
  • Perform strategic due diligence
  • Ensure clients bid properly, and do not overpay

Once the list of targets has been identified by either Taylor or the client, Taylor will prioritize the targets and examine the synergies to determine whether the client should pursue the deal.

We ensure full recognition and valuation of possible synergies by continuously vetting the synergies so the client can bid competitively without overpaying. Taylor’s process optimizes the chances that, once acquired, a business will be a positive contributor.


Benefits of Taylor Companies Synergy Analysis and Consulting

Table of Benefits


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