Overseen by the Office of the Chairman, Taylor Advisory's unique resources and areas of expertise — the Four Pillars — give us a distinct advantage in achieving our clients’ strategic goals. Each pillar synergistically compliments the others to create our highly disciplined and proprietary methodology capable of producing exceptional results.

Our approach begins with Synergy Analysis assessing our clients’ strengths and weaknesses to determine the characteristics for the best counter party on a deal. Then, Competitive Intelligence creates a theoretical and searchable profile based on these characteristics to identify and rank companies that best fit the profile. Once equipped with a prioritized list of targets, we leverage our Top Level Global Access to discreetly approach the companies’ key decision makers on behalf of our clients.

The Investment Bank uses classical financial expertise to effectively synthesize the work of each department and establish a deal structure that achieves our clients’ objectives. Throughout the process, the Office of the Chairman thoughtfully coordinates each of the Four Pillars, depending on the characteristics of a transaction, in order to generate substantial accretion of shareholder value for our clients.


Most thorough and tested synergy analysis model and process that exists.
Extensive experience applying model across more than 450 industrial sectors.
Enables proactive approach to M&A compared to the more typical reactive approach.

Unparalleled Knowledge of Synergy

  • After dedicating more than 40 years to the study of synergy across myriad industries and markets, we have identified 46 primary categories with 255 distinct possibilities to create value.
  • We work closely with high-ranking executives, clients, and advisors to continuously refine our unique understanding of synergy, which is the first and most foundational consideration in an effective transaction.
  • Our process is the most thorough and tested synergy analysis model that exists and it enables a proactive approach to M&A rather than the typical reactive attitude.
  • In the most basic sense, synergy results from eliminating a weakness and leveraging a strength and, when applied effectively, can achieve the proverbial “one plus one equals three."
  • While many elements contribute to the quality of a strategy, early and accurate synergy identification is the most critical foundational factor for a successful transaction. It is only by first recognizing the entire scope of potential synergies and continuously vetting them during information discovery that an appropriate deal design and integration strategy can be formulated.


Highly trained internal competitive intelligence team.
Collects, cross references and verifies critical information.
Utilizes multi-sector network of over 800 Subject Matter Experts.

Superior Competitive Intelligence Capability

  • Our internal Competitive Intelligence Specialists are trained in strategic debriefing to obtain and verify competitive intelligence while assessing all relevant perspectives on transaction-related information.
  • The team performs critical transaction-related tasks, such as:
    • Creating a theoretical profile of the ideal buyer or seller based on the most impactful characteristics identified during the Synergy Analysis process.
    • Using this profile to pinpoint and categorize the best targets to acquire and the most strategic buyers for companies being sold.
    • Ascertaining the predispositions of key individuals such as corporate decision makers and equity market analysts.
    • Helping to formulate the logic of the deal, which indicates the compelling rationale for why the buyer and seller should be combined.


  • Our competitive intelligence capability is complemented by more than 800 project-specific Subject Matter Experts, who are hand selected experts with extensive knowledge and strong connections within their respective fields.
  • We continually recruit and stay in regular contact with new Subject Matter Experts to ensure we are always attentive to the current affairs within pertinent industries.


Prestigious global network of high level senior advisors.
Provides direct, confidential access to Key Decision Makers.
Wealth of collective knowledge and insight.

Global Network of Senior Advisors

  • The Global Advisor Network is composed primarily of former Chairmen and CEOs from industry-leading corporations as well as former diplomats, retired high-ranking military officers, trade association officials, members of academia, and political leaders.
  • With over 1300 members, our private network provides a vast knowledge base and unmatched access to the heads of companies worldwide.
  • Individuals are carefully selected for their knowledge, experience, reputation, professional contributions, and influence.
  • Advisors provide Taylor with direct, confidential access to the ultimate key decision maker of virtually every company in the world.
  • Our relationships allow us to confidentially bring divestitures in at the highest level of each potential buyer to garner prime attention on, and swift consideration of, the business being sold.
  • In acquisitions, our advisors help us to effectively pursue targets that are not already for sale with an exceptionally high degree of efficacy.


Analyzes and integrates information from the other pillars of Taylor Advisory. 
Ensures execution of successful transactions.

Classic Investment Banking Capabilities

  • Manages the merger, acquisition, and divestiture transactions Taylor undertakes.
  • Advises clients on their many options before and during transactions.
  • Offers clients the buy-side and sell-side capabilities of large investment banks with a higher degree of unbiased deal-team engagement characteristic of a privately held firm.
  • Analyzes and integrates information gathered by Taylor Advisory’s global network of advisors, synergy analysis experts, and competitive intelligence specialists in order to achieve successful transactions.
  • Works closely with the Office of the Chairman to maintain regular communication with our clients and to ensure steady deal progression.

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