Achieve a significantly higher success rate compared to industry norm.
Identify the most synergistic and compatible acquisition targets.
Optimally vet, access, and approach those targets.
Specialized focus in off-market acquisition targets.

Increase Success in Acquisitions

  • Taylor has a proven track record of producing exceptional results for our acquisition clients.

  • We are committed to executing only the most synergistic acquisitions and, as a result, the overwhelming majority of our transactions are successful long term.

  • Further, we often recommend against our clients’ preferred target because the transaction lacks sufficient synergies to be successful.

Properly Identify, Quantify, and Execute Synergies

  • When requested by a client, Taylor determines the entire range of synergistic and compatible acquisition targets.

  • We accurately identify and value all synergies in a transaction to ensure competitive bidding without overpaying.

  • Our knowledge of the synergies gives us a clear understanding of the potential full value of a target as a basis for framing an appropriate bid.

Persuade Hard-to-Attain Targets to Sell

  • Most companies Taylor acquires for its clients were not previously for sale and our clients’ have often made failed acquisition attempts before engaging us on a transaction.

  • Taylor has unique skills and expertise that enable us to break through challenging obstacles where other firms cannot.

  • A significant portion of the off-market targets we meet with on behalf of our clients ultimately agree to sell.